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name: Lheiyczey (pronounced as Lacey)
age: 15
location: Cedar Park, TX
musical taste: Hardcore rock, rock in general, emo, screamo, classic rock, etc
favorite movie/s: Against The Wall, Thirteen, Pink Floyd The Wall The Movie
favorite book/s: The Lovely Bones

about you
do you think you are hot shit? &why. Because I lost 40 pounds over the summer and cut my hair 8 inches and if everyone telling me I look HAWT now isn't a self esteem boost, I think I'd need pills.
what astrological sign are you? Libra
use 5 adjectives to describe you. Laid-back, Humorous, fashionable, musical, artistic
if you were given the chance to be anyone.. who would you be? &why. I'd be myself. Dude, no point in trying to be anyone else. Well, maybe having some attributes from different people, but to actually be them would be pointless.
what song &/or movie best describes you? &why. Thirteen, I went through all the crap those girls went through except for the excessive drug use.
if you were an animal, what animal would you be? &why. I'd be a cougar because those are probably the hawtest, most poised, and graceful animals.

post @ least 3 clear pictures.

I'm on the right.
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