alex (_all_thats_left) wrote in hotshit_texas,

name: alex v.
age: fifteen
location: d-town (dallas)
musical taste: sub-pop and saddle creek records, those kinds of music, oh and placebo and david bowie
favorite movie/s: anything Quentin Tarantino and Amelie
favorite book/s: dante's inferno and i'm reading 1984 and it's pretty good, it could be a favorite.

about you
do you think you are hot shit? &why: Sometimes, i know the mod and they told me to join.
what astrological sign are you?:
use 5 adjectives to describe you:
hilarious, cute, bitchin', glitteriffic, cool
if you were given the chance to be anyone.. who would you be? &why:
god, to know the truth behind religion.
what song &/or movie best describes you? &why:
"romy and michelle's high school reunion" because i might not be the greatest now in high school but i'll kick some fucking ass later in life.
if you were an animal, what animal would you be? &why:
a fly, that way i could be anywhere and hardly anyone would notice me.

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